3 fitness products every fitness enthusiast should own!

Ok so I could probably write a list as long as my arm of things which I personally feel are worthy of investing in but for the purpose of this blog post I’ve narrowed it down to my top 3. These items are relatively cheap and perfect for incorporating into a fitness routine to push you a little bit harder! So, in no specific order, here are my top 3 recommendations:

Resistance bands
These nifty rubber bands come in varying strengths and enable you to add extra resistance to a wide variety of exercises. Depending on the ‘thickness’ of the band you can make an exercise just a tad harder, or super difficult, allowing you to work in particular on improving strength, endurance and muscle tone. Often these different strength bands can be purchased as a set and are really cheap. Being so small, portable and light they are also perfect for storing in small spaces or taking with you when travelling. I purchased mine from Amazon but you can get them in many stores, often including supermarkets. For me, a set of resistance bands would be a definite for taking on holiday or for convenient home workouts.

Skipping rope
Another really cheap product and a way to legitimately re-live your childhood! A skipping rope provides a fantastic cardio workout; if you’ve not used a rope since being in the playground, then give it a go – there’s a reason why boxers incorporate it into their training regimes! You don’t need to spend ages skipping – just 10 minutes will burn a heap of calories and really boost your fitness level, or alternatively you could use it to add in some short, high intensity bursts into your workout to get that heart rate soaring. As with resistance bands it’s a cheap product, small, light and portable making it another fantastic travelling companion.

Pull-up bar
Another favourite of mine and a fantastic way to enable you to work on upper body strength in the comfort of your own home. You can get bars which attach to a sturdy wall or, a bar which fixes inside the top of a door frame (this is the kind I have). Now pull ups and chin ups are notoriously difficult exercises and a lot of people, particularly women struggle with these. Unless you have been regularly practicing chin ups or pull ups in the gym, or have very good and balanced upper body strength to begin with, you will likely need to perform assisted versions of these exercises to begin with (there are a few different ways you can work on this – I’ll do a separate post on this at a later date). Assisted or not however, they are supreme for developing strength in the upper body and developing that desirable definition. Again, a relatively cheap product and whilst not necessarily portable, takes up minimal room at home.

So there you have it – my top 3 investments for anyone who’s serious about making fitness gains. If you’re unsure as to how to piece these items together to make an effective workout routine, get in touch.