A day in my life as a Personal Trainer

It is a beautiful summers day, sunshine streaming through the lounge window. I can feel the warmth from the window as I am stood there cradling Grace in my arms. She was born a few days ago and we are both proud parents Stuart and I. In the background I can hear a faint noise…… beep beep beep beep beep beep BEEP BEEP!!!   The image of that warm day quickly fades, only to be met with cold darkness and a rather loud alarm clock. Half asleep I push one arm from the warmth of my bed into the cold air of my room….WHACK! I switch my alarm off with a groan and a thump. Reality now replaces my lovely dream, quick check of my tummy…yes baby has not been born just yet. I sit upright in my bed, it is 5.30 am, it is cold, pitch black and I can hear Stuart faintly snoring besides me.

Confused I try to remember what day is it? Takes a few moments to register that it is Saturday and that I have my first client at 7am. I slide out of bed in total darkness and fumble/waddle towards the bedroom door. I open it and I am nearly assassinated by our black cat weaving between my ankles and meowing frantically; he knows it is food time. Into the kitchen..light on, kettle on, feed the cat, make cup of tea, sit in lounge to recover (I do not function in the mornings without caffeine). Drink tea slowly, relax, wind down. Then I remember I do not have time to fart around. Quick wash, do my hair, teeth and make-up, get dressed into fitness wear which really is not designed for cold dark November mornings. Wake Stu up with his cup of tea, quick chat and kiss goodbye and I am out into the crisp darkness. Quick dash to the car and I am off. Thank goodness for car heaters!

Part 2 to follow…