A day in my life…plus month 9 of pregnancy!

Well part 3 of a day in my life as a Personal Trainer is slightly different from the previous 2 blog posts as I’m now heavily pregnant and enjoying a little bit of downtime before baby Grace makes her appearance! Having only stopped doing PT a couple of weeks ago, I was definitely ready to have a breather now that one is feeling somewhat tired and decidedly ‘rotund’ shall we say. All my clients have been wonderfully supportive and already I’m looking forward to seeing them all again and putting them back through their paces, setting and smashing new goals with them all 😊

Right now though day to day activities are moving at a much slower pace (or maybe it’s me who’s moving much slower) with less than a week to go before due date! Whilst gym workouts are now on hold until the all clear post baby (just as well considering that squeezing into my gym clothing is almost verging on indecent), I’m trying to get out for daily walks although there is always that fear of waters breaking as I shuffle down the road, not to mention the fact that the weight of baby makes any kind of exertion noticeably more difficult. Plus I’m quite sure my lungs have been squashed up so high now that they’re practically in my neck. But I know everything will get back to normal eventually after little one is here and I’m back into regular training, so I’m not too worried.

Nutrition wise, well getting through Christmas always offers temptation to the most disciplined of people and yes, I like a good mince pie as much as the next person! But I’ve been moderate with my intake and with a New Year now in full swing I’m back into a normal pattern of eating, providing baby with a good balance of healthy fats, carbs and protein.

I’ve got lots of exciting plans for Fitbitz for 2018 and whilst I know that I have to seriously perfect the art of multi-tasking once Grace is here, I’m looking forward to putting these goals and projects into action so keep an eye on my blog as well as my social media accounts for updates!

Here’s to a fit, healthy and happy 2018 for everyone 😊