A new addition to the family!

Finally, after 40 weeks and 5 days, we welcomed little Grace Emilia into the family 😊 Whilst this experience was somewhat traumatic, we couldn’t be happier with our little bundle of joy. I still can’t quite believe we’re now parents!

So since her arrival on the 12th January, life has been a whirlwind of feeding, nappies, washing, tidying, cuddles and sleepless nights which doesn’t seem to leave an awful lot of time for much else. But at least we’re getting into some sort of haphazard routine.

Having had a tricky birth, the soreness which followed made even walking extremely difficult and painful and I had to use a doughnut cushion (aka a swimming ring) to sit on. Copious amounts of prescription pain relief have also been consumed. As such any thoughts of light activity were quickly and firmly disregarded! 4 weeks on now though and I’m a lot more comfortable and can actually walk normally. I’m able to start up some light exercise again now and although I’m looking forward to getting back into heavy training, I’m just easing myself back in quite gently – after all, it took 9 months to create this little munchkin so it’s important that my body builds up to its former fitness level carefully. I shall be using my post pregnancy training as an opportunity to try out a different way of exercising for me, changing things up and focussing on different fitness goals, all of which I’m quite excited about!

Nutrition wise I’ve stuck to a balanced and healthy diet which of course benefits both me and baby and has enabled me to lose the majority of any lingering baby weight already. I have actually, believe it or not, even found time to do some baking (healthy of course) since Grace’s arrival.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post I’ve got some new projects planned for Fitbitz for 2018 so make sure you keep checking the website and my social media accounts so that you don’t miss out on any news!