A new beginning!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a lovely evening last night, whether you stayed in or headed out, and that you’re now brimming with enthusiasm for 2017! Are you someone who looks back with regret and despair at what you didn’t achieve the previous year, or do you look forward with renewed determination at all those things you really will do over the coming year?! I definitely fall into the latter group and amongst other things, I will always have fitness resolutions tucked in there somewhere.

I think we’re naturally a species which can be very self critical, beating ourselves up and feeling guilty for the fact that we didn’t stick to our resolution of visiting the gym 5 nights a week, every week of the year, or didn’t give up chocolate forevermore as promised. But as we head into 2017, why not be a little kinder to yourself? Really think about whether your promises are truly realistic and if you have any shred of doubt, rethink them!! Yes of course it’s good to feel challenged but you do have to be reasonable as well and if 5 zumba classes a week is going to be tricky around a young family, long hours at work and any kind of social life, then it’s far better to stick with a promise of 2 classes a week which you can realistically continue with. It really is about being flexible, and realistic.

For me, recent events have meant I’ve needed to rethink my exercise routine for a little while and whilst that means some of my original fitness goals are going on the back burner for a bit as I focus on different areas of fitness instead, that’s totally ok as I know that what I need to do is benefitting me massively in other ways and I just need to have a bit of a shift in my fitness focus. In fact, change like that can be exciting as you can end up exploring other areas which can sometimes get forgotten. In terms of business and career, I want to grow and develop Fitbitz and I’ve got exciting things planned over the coming year so watch this space!!

So my advice to everyone is to look forward to a happy, healthy and successful 2017 but don’t beat yourself up with regrets about the previous year. Think about how you can achieve your new goals and find a sensible way to work towards them. I personally like to have mine written down where I can refer to them all the time and I’m also a massive fan of positive affirmations – am thinking of printing out my favourite and sticking it in the most prominent places at home! Remember – goal posts can shift and there is nothing wrong with that at all, just be open to shifting your mindset as well to help you get there 😊