Bored of breakfast?

Ok I am the first to admit I can get really bored of my meals. And I mean REALLY bored. Not of eating (far from that!!) but I need lots of variety with my food otherwise I can quickly lose interest. This can definitely be beneficial as it means I eat a wide, balanced variety of healthy foods but it also means I need to keep on top of finding or creating new healthy meals; just as well I enjoy cooking and baking 😊

For me, breakfasts can be the most challenging of meals to experiment with. I’m normally in such a rush that I don’t have time to think about getting a little more creative and as a result if I’m not careful, brekkie is the meal which can get very repetitive! With a little forward planning however, this doesn’t have to be a disaster zone.

A healthy diet is all about balance and I’m a firm believer in that having a little bit of what you fancy, does you good. Do I eat cereal? Yes I do, but not everyday and it’s always wholegrain, very low in sugar and I add chopped fruit and ground flaxseeds to it. Do I eat toast? Absolutely, but it’s wholemeal and is normally spread thickly with avocado (and marmite) rather than butter and jam. Porridge is another popular one for me in the winter and I find just varying my toppings can be enough to keep me interested – try frozen berries (cheaper than fresh – just blitz in the microwave), and chopped nuts, or caramelized banana (peel, slice and gently cook in coconut butter until all squidgy and yummy) with chopped dates and a big dollop of cashew butter. A new favourite is overnight chia pudding (with or without oats) which is a fantastic timesaver if you prep it the night before and leave in the fridge overnight. Of course sometimes I just fancy something a bit more indulgent so Sundays are usually reserved for beans and eggs on toast, or avocado, hashbrowns, beans, egg and tomatoes with a side serving of spinach or rocket.

When you stop and really think about it, there are hundreds of different ways you can break away from the norm. So the next time you reach for the same old bowl of cornflakes, think about a different cereal you could try (be really mindful of the sugar content however), experiment with different healthy toppings and try to include other types of breakfasts as well. I’ll get some brekkie recipes posted up on here shortly so don’t forget to check back for a bit of inspiration!