How to eat healthily at work

Work can sabotage the best of intentions when it comes to healthy eating; cakes constantly available because it always seems to be someone’s birthday, the vending machine far too readily available when your energy starts flagging mid afternoon, the whiff of burger and chips coming from the staff canteen every lunchtime…the list goes on!

My number one tip to avoid falling into these traps is PLAN PLAN PLAN!!! I cannot say it enough – it’s crucial if you have ‘questionable’ willpower but want to stay on the healthy eating wagon. Take lunch to work with you, and vary this as much as you can throughout the week. One day you could have a wholemeal sandwich, another you could have a healthy homemade chicken, sweetcorn and pasta salad, another could be soup. Leftovers from last night’s dinner are also a godsend. Healthy snacks are also a must and if you make sure you never allow yourself to get starving hungry, you’re far less likely to cave in to the vending machine. A good idea is to sit down each weekend and write up a plan of lunches and snacks to have each day, and then make sure you’ve got everything with your food shop. The minute you start struggling for ideas last minute, it will all go to pot!

It’s important to make sure though that the food you take with you is food you actually enjoy – whilst nuts in small quantities are super healthy, if you genuinely can’t stand them then there is no point in taking them to work with you to munch on mid afternoon; I promise you, it won’t work! Instead find tasty but good for you snacks – have a go at making your own energy balls for example, or if you prefer something ready made, then Nakd or Trek bars are ideal.

Another good idea is to treat yourself to a new funky lunchbox and drinks bottle – a pretty fruit fusion water bottle is a fabulous way to encourage yourself to drink more water if you fill the inner tube with fruits you enjoy and you can vary them each time so that you don’t get bored.

Lastly, get your lunch together the night before so in the morning, literally all you have to do is grab and go. If you’re rushing around when you get up, it’s far easier to scrap the whole idea and just buy something quick and unhealthy instead.

It’s really important to eat as well as you can, as often as you can; taking care of your nutrition now can help you massively with good health in your later years.

So there you have it – try incorporating these ideas and see how you get on!