Keeping fit when travelling

Sometimes, despite how committed you may be to your gym routine, there are times when life throws a spanner in the works and an alternative is needed. One of these times is travelling, whether a cosy weekend away, an overnight stay on a work trip or a 2 week holiday in the Bahamas. But rather than just assume it’s not possible to get any kind of workout in, you just need to get a little creative if you still want to keep active.

If you’re staying in the hotel, have a look on the website first and see if there’s a gym. Big chains will often have one (although make sure you also check what equipment they have available as hotel gyms can sometimes be quite small) or perhaps a swimming pool. If you prefer the fresh air, why not have a look online and see if you could go for a run outside; a perfect way to explore a new area particularly if you’re somewhere more exotic or in the countryside.

Sometimes though the easiest and only option is to squeeze in a workout in your hotel room which is exactly what I found myself doing on a recent trip to the Midlands for work. Although the hotel I was in did have a gym, I didn’t want to be restricted with the opening times so decided to stay in my room instead.

If opting for a hotel room workout it is likely you don’t have any weights to hand, but seriously you don’t need it – your body is an amazing piece of equipment and you can get a fabulous sweat on if that’s what you’re after. If you’re looking for maximum calorie burn and fitness gains you need to keep your heart rate high and push yourself as hard as you can with exercises that target more than 1 muscle group; it doesn’t need to be any longer than 20 minutes. Here’s a routine you could do; I’ve specifically picked exercises which although are challenging if kept at a fast pace and using full range of motion, are also low impact so as not to disturb guests in neighbouring rooms:

1. Mountain climbers (
2. Squat + 4 punches (squat and as you stand, punch across body alternating arms)
3. Running man – R (lean forward on 1 leg and pull rear leg in back and forth whilst pumping arms)
4. Upper cuts (
5. Running man – L (lean forward on 1 leg and pull rear leg in back and forth whilst pumping arms)
6. Press ups (

Round 1 – 20 secs work 10 secs recovery
Round 2 – 30 secs work 15 secs recovery
Round 3 – 40 secs work 20 secs recovery
Round 4 – 30 secs work 15 secs recovery
Round 5 – 20 secs work 10 secs recovery

Just make sure you warm up for a few minutes first then cool down and stretch after.

But also, don’t be afraid to use your travelling as a time to try out different activities if you’d prefer; if you’re feeling particularly stressed you could use your time to concentrate on a yoga routine instead or if the weather is nice and you’re on a romantic getaway there’s nothing wrong with hiring a couple of bikes and heading off for a long countryside cycle with a picnic or pub lunch en route!

My message here is to just say never be thrown off track just because your environment or situation changes – I promise you there is always a way!!