A day in my life as a Personal Trainer – Part Deux

Why do I do this? Up at stupid o’clock, feeling cold, tired and cranky. I look like a pregnant Weeble sat behind the wheel of my car shivering as I wait for the heater to kick in. Staring into the darkness with half closed eyes, I start my drive to the gym. I must be mad!

At this time in the morning the roads are pretty quiet, I know it’s 7am but it feels like the dead of night. I think to myself only weirdos and serial killers are about at this time. I see the same man every morning stood waiting for the bus…….I wonder which one he is?

As I drive into Broadstone, I remember that it will be the Christmas parade in a couple of weeks; I make a mental note to remind my clients that some of the roads will be shut during the afternoon on that Saturday. How rude shutting the whole place off, although I must admit I do love the annual parade which I think has been going for about 100 years now. I fondly reminisce of the years I took part in it when I was in the Brownies, strutting my stuff proudly dressed up as a Christmas cracker or something as equally unflattering. Not quite 100 years back thank you, more like 30.

As I drive past the shops I remember how pretty the festive lights look each year when the full Crimbo decorations are up along the street. I’m easily distracted when it comes to both Christmas thoughts and food and also find myself starting to think about what to have for pudding after Christmas day lunch – a very important task that I have taken ownership of since the main Christmas lunch is in someone else’s capable hands this year. As I will be heavily preggers at that point one doesn’t want to risk baby making an unexpectedly early visit whilst one is simultaneously cooking the turkey. Christmas also signals the end of the year and setting new and exciting goals for my lovely clients (and myself of course, especially post sproglet).

Lack of traffic means I’m parked up pretty quickly; thoughts of festive desserts rapidly disappear (disappointing) and it’s now time to brace the cold again and leave the cosy warmth of the car. Grabbing my gym bags and my lunch bag I lock up and waddle slowly down the road, luckily it only takes 2 mins to get to the leisure centre where the majority of my work is based. I must look a sight with my many bags hanging off every available limb!  I muster a quick ‘good morning’ to the reception staff then into the changing room to sort myself out and shove things into a locker. Another mental note is made to remind myself to resume pudding thoughts later, although quite frankly ‘baby brain’ is an alarmingly real thing and I’m not too convinced at how reliable my memory is at the moment as I’m quite sure this mental list of mine should have more items on it than parades and puddings.

I head into the gym to wait for my first client; at this time of the morning it’s pretty empty and my client and I have been known to be pretty much the only ones in there at this time. Not this week though; there are a few other bleary eyed people about getting their workouts done nice and early. There also appears to be an unexplained pair of men’s pants out on the gym reception desk when I dump my stuff underneath (under the desk that is, not the pants) – this is highly suspicious and I wonder how on earth someone can lose their underwear in the main gym. I try not to think about this too much. Not the kind of work out we endorse here really!

Client number 1 arrives, we shall name him Bob to protect the innocent. Bob has a wonderful crop of facial foliage which is just perfect for keeping the face nice and toasty in this crisp weather, the kind of beard you could get lost in for a week. or nest in for the winter! Anyhow we warm up and get cracking whilst I find out what kind of week he’s had. I always make a point of talking about how my client is feeling as so many factors can dictate how a workout can go or whether a session needs to be tweaked for one reason or another. One topic turns to another and eventually we end up with a deep and meaningful discussion regarding toilet training for small children – a subject which Bob has had much involvement with, including toilet mishaps of a very messy nature, what with being a father himself to 2 small people. It’s always most amusing to hear such stories from Bob although obviously with baby Grace on the way, such stories will not be funny at all if they happen to me. Part 3 to follow…