Pregnancy – month 6

Well, I can’t believe I’m actually through month 6 now! Acid reflux has continued to make a very unwelcome appearance and I feel like I’m drinking Gaviscon like it’s going out of fashion but other than that it’s not been too bad over the last few weeks. Both my weight and baby’s weight are bang on track and whilst my fitness levels are definitely not what they were at the moment, I’m continuing to keep active as much as possible with 3 workouts a week and 2, 40 minute walks every day, 5 days a week. I’m definitely looking forward to hardcore training again though and have started keeping my eyes peeled for a race or 2 to focus on training for next year. But for now baby Grace is enjoying her low impact gym workouts with mumma 😊

Food wise, most things I went off I am now back into (with the exception of the herb Rosemary), which definitely makes things a little easier. So spinach is back in the wholemeal sandwiches, yoghurt is back with the blueberries and cashew butter is back on the oatcakes. It’s super important to me that both myself and little one get healthy, nutrient dense food as much as possible so I make the effort to make our own healthy snacks as much as time allows whilst Stuart takes care of balanced and healthy homemade dinners.

So month 7 is now upon us and the time is ticking along quickly! Stay tuned for the latest updates shortly.