Pregnancy – months 4 and 5

Ok so I’ve now done months 4 and 5 (and almost 6!) and hopefully sporting a pregnancy glow – my skin is clear and my hair now requires very infrequent washing which is a bonus. The queasies have pretty much gone thank goodness and luckily the food aversions are also disappearing so I’ve been able to include previously loved (and then hated in the first few weeks) foods back into my diet again. I’m definitely not keen on the acid reflux though which has made a very unwelcome appearance most days in the last few weeks.

Whilst the early stages of pregnancy left me feeling barely incapable of getting into the gym, thankfully this has passed and I’ve been able to get back into regular workouts albeit of a different kind to what my pre-pregnancy workouts consisted of. Obviously this is not a time to be pushing my fitness to the next level but I’m keen to keep myself ticking over as much as possible.

In months 3 and 4 I developed an insatiable appetite (tricky to deal with when simultaneously managing nausea and food aversions) which definitely presented a challenge when trying to fit in my regular feeding demands during a busy day with Personal Training where clients are often back to back. Grapes and dry crackers provided welcome relief however, taking a quick nibble wherever possible. Luckily this phase has also passed now and normal feeding habits have resumed.

Whilst I’ve definitely had to succumb when it comes to certain items of specific maternity wear, fitness leggings are a lot easier to deal with what with being of a stretchy nature. I’ve purchased 1 pair of funky gym tights in a size bigger than normal (which were on sale for a fantastic knock down price of just £3 so it would have been rude not to) but have also managed to continue wearing a couple of pairs I already had, so no real expense there thankfully. I do however seem to be living in the same, roomy gym top lately as all my other gym tops leave me looking unflatteringly ‘squeezed’.

So all in all, trimester 2 is definitely an improvement on trimester 1; I’ll be posting about my experience of month 6 shortly so keep an eye out for the next blog post!