Pregnancy – the first 3 months

Well having not put a blog post up for a little while, it was high time I took some time out to write another post and being newly pregnant, I thought it would be ideal to write about my experiences so far, from a nutrition and fitness perspective and update the blog page as I move through the months.

So… well the last few weeks have certainly been an experience! New, scary and a little bit gross at times but definitely exciting! After sadly going through a miscarriage at the end of 2016 I was advised to drastically cut back and change the kind of exercising I had been doing. I was reassured that my training was definitely not the cause of the miscarriage but in order to give myself the best chance as possible, I needed to change things up. Now as someone who enjoys a lot of high intensity interval training, running, weight training and anything else which gets me very hot and sweaty, being told to swap this during the preconception period and the first 12 weeks of pregnancy for gentle cycling, walking, pilates and yoga was quite a shock. Of course there was no question about it – I’d have done whatever I had to – but it was a huge change to get used to. So, out with the sprints, in with the stretches.

I was fortunate to be able to fall pregnant almost straight away again and whilst I found it frustrating not being able to partake in plyometrics, I knew it wouldn’t be forever and focussed instead on what I was allowed to do activity wise along with healthy nutrition.

Until week 7.

Literally overnight it seemed, whilst transitioning from week 6 to week 7, I was suddenly hit with a truckload of food aversions which made me want to heave as soon as I saw, or even thought about, certain healthy and nutritious foods that previously I loved. Spinach – out. Wholemeal bread – out. Yoghurt – out. And as for nut butter, well I even had to unfollow previously religiously followed instagram accounts for fear of viewing a nut butter concoction which frankly just made me feel green. Whilst I had no weird cravings, I felt very restricted in my diet and only seemed to be able to tolerate a very small selection of foods with fickle taste buds that could change from day to day. Not only that but during month 3 in particular I developed a horrible sour taste in my mouth which I just couldn’t seem to get rid of.

And along with the food aversions came the nausea, hitting at exactly the same time. Whilst rarely actually sick, I felt nauseous for around 90% of the day, every single day. Not much fun trying not to retch when standing in front of personal training clients.

As for the fitness plan, well I always thought I’d be someone who would be able to train right throughout pregnancy (albeit adapted) but since the nausea set in, I was barely able to manage anything other than walking to and from work (40 mins each way so at least it’s a good stomp) and quite frankly, there had been some days I’d felt so queasy that I didn’t even care!

But I knew these not so nice experiences wouldn’t be forever so was hanging on for month 4 in the hope that I would miraculously wake up one morning, full of energy, no queasies and ready for my wholemeal toast and peanut butter. So as I now head into month 4, keep an eye on the blog for the next post to see how I’m getting on!