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2 Free Sessions, 12 sessions for the price of 10 when purchased as a block. Offer is for 1 hour sessions only and is not available for the 30 minute Express sessions. Everyone loves a freebie!

Initial Consultation – Free

A meeting to discuss your goals, carry out a few basic health tests and complete necessary paperwork, which is required prior to your first Personal Training session. More specific fitness testing can also be carried out if you so wish. As part of the initial health tests, if you would like your bodyfat level to be tested, this will be carried out via bioelectrical impedance. Please refrain from eating for 2 hours prior to the test, in order to obtain as accurate a reading as possible.

1 to 1 Personal Training

1-hour Personal Training session – a fun packed hour, effective and realistic. This will be tailored to your goals and will involve a variety of training methods and equipment. This may include resistance work and bodyweight exercises, kettlebells, boxing drills, step workouts and plyometrics, amongst others. Nutritional advice and online support included – £30

Express Personal Training – a 30 minute session, perfect for those of us who find it hard to commit to a full hour. Don’t be fooled – this will be a tough half hour, focusing on whole body movements with minimal rest, to keep the heart rate high for maximum results. Nutritional advice and online support included – £20

Get Fit With A Friend

1-hour Personal Training session – an hour of training for 2 participants, ideal for couples. A carefully planned routine to incorporate the two of you, working as a pair for a fun filled session! Nutritional advice and online support included- £40

Express Personal Training – a 30 minute session for 2 participants, working together for a super intense workout. Using high intensity exercises together to get the blood pumping! Nutritional advice and online support included – £30

Group Personal Training (Maximum of 3 people)

1-hour Group Personal Training session – an hour to have fun and get in shape at the same time. Using training methods which suit your ability and preferences as well as your goals. This will involve the use of different pieces of exercise equipment to keep your session varied and interesting. A great way to get fit with friends and share the cost. Nutritional advice and online support included – £50

Express Group Personal Training session – a jam packed 30 minute session to squeeze maximum results out of minimum time. This will be tough, so grab some friends and give it a go together! Nutritional advice and online support included – £35

Nutritional Advice and Online Support

Sound nutrition is fundamental if you want to get the best from your training and is a vital component to support your goal, whether that is weight gain, weight loss or improved sporting performance. Whilst not offered as a stand-alone service, nutritional advice is available to all of my clients at no extra cost, and can be as detailed as you like. All services also include free online support, where you can email me with any questions, concerns or just for motivation! – Free for all clients