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“Following the birth of my second child I booked a block of sessions with Naomi to help me return to my pre-pregnancy fitness. After an initial informative consultation, Naomi put together a varied and suitably challenging programme. With her motivation and support I completed each of the workouts and I was amazed at what I could achieve! Naomi listened and tailored each session to meet my particular needs. I was given a copy of each workout which was fantastic as I am able to complete them in my own time as well. Naomi’s extensive knowledge and experience have helped me to achieve my fitness goals and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to achieve their goals!” – Becky

“I absolutely love working out with you – for the first time ever, I’m not scared of using weights and I’m actually seeing results! It’s really easy to trust you as you seem to know what I’m capable of more than I do!” – Rossi

“Just wanted to say a big thank you Naomi. I am very pleased with the results I have had while training with Naomi, and have discovered that I actually enjoy running. I started out not being able to run more than 5 minutes without dying, but now I can comfortably complete 5k, and plan to aim for 10k now. Naomi puts you at ease, guides you through the process and is always onhand to answer my questions, and motivate me when I slack!! Thanks again” – Stuart

“I am 71 and have been training with Naomi for around 6 months. I have noticed that my stomach is firmer and my shoulders feel and look better. I walk more comfortably and for greater distances.I have joined several gyms in the past without any noticeable improvement. With Naomi’s personalised programmes the exercises are fun, friendly and are producing results.” – Arthur

“I can honestly say I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Naomi, I am fitter and slimmer and she has helped me realise I am more than I think I am capable of. All of her sessions have been fun as well as effective, and I would definitely recommend her as a trainer!” – Maureen

“Naomi has been training me for a while now, for an event coming up. She has kept me motivated and on track to be able to finish the event. She has been able to make training fun, while working hard.” – Caroline

“Thank you Naomi for all the help you’ve given me. You were very aware of my capabilities and have helped me tremendously. You put me at ease and also helped with nutritional knowledge. I enjoyed working out with you and am keen to carry on so. With thanks and best wishes.” – Joy

“Naomi does a great job. I did not realise that it was possible to enjoy spin classes – you keep the atmosphere very light and calm so it really puts me at ease.” – Rossi

“I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Naomi. She is very competent, knowledgeable and extremely supportive. She gave me that motivation I was lacking to get myself back into shape after childbirth. She also provided me with nutritional advice that I needed in order to reach my fitness goals. I would definitely recommend Naomi to all my friends and family” – Marianna

“Going to the gym used to be like a chore, I would find it boring doing the same exercises over and over not even sure if I was doing them right. Naomi has introduced me to varied and challenging workouts and never lets me give up as she knows I have more in me, I now I enjoy and look forward to exercising at the gym or going for a run.” – Laura

“Thanks Naomi for the great circuit sessions. Really enjoyed being pushed to my limits and learning about all the different exercises! Looking forward to the next one” – Chris G

“My husband started training with naomi first, then after a quick chat, i decided to join in and participate in a joint session. We both had different goals that we wanted to achieve, but naomi was great at organising sessions that benefited both of us. Naomi is a great instructor, polite friendly and always found new ways to motivate us. Each session we had was really varied, introducing new exercises and techniques to keep it interesting. We always looked forward to sessions and felt a sense of achievement afterwards. We strongly recommend Naomi for a fun and effective way to get fit!” – Chris & Michelle

“I’ve always been an active person, and a few years ago my brother introduced me to our local 5k Parkrun. Inevitably this led to participating in larger running events, and finally entering a full distance Ironman. I knew the event would take a full day and require a good level of fitness, so decided that using a personal trainer would help me complete the course. Naomi tailored every training session to what I needed, and changed my workout routines to keep me motivated and progressing. With Naomi’s training I noticeably improved my running times, and completed the Ironman event. I would recommend Naomi to anyone looking for a friendly personal trainer in an informal environment.” – Andy

“Naomi is a fantastic personal trainer, she takes the time to understand your fitness goals whatever they may be and then helps you work towards them. She’ll keep you focused when your motivation weakens and you’ll be glad you signed up with her. I was.” – Nick