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What to Expect

Right from the start, your routine will be personalised for you and will take into account your goals, personal circumstances and what you do and don’t like when it comes to exercising. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. I can promise you that all sessions and plans will be based on realism – realistic goals, realistic programmes and realistic results.

I’ll provide you with all the enthusiasm and motivation you need and as well as being effective, all of your Personal Training sessions with me will be both professional and fun.

Currently, I train on Saturdays in Broadstone, Poole with sessions held in the gym at The Junction Sports and Leisure Centre. If you wish to be trained in your own home, this may also be possible if you live in Broadstone. Please note that if you are not a member of The Junction, there is a small entry charge of £1.50 for a Personal Training session held there. The Junction boasts the latest equipment and has everything needed to target all areas of fitness.

A range of Personal Training sessions are bookable on Saturdays, available on a first come first served basis. 2 to 1 and 3 to 1 sessions are also available; these work out slightly cheaper per head and clients say they enjoy the motivational aspect of training with friends. All levels of fitness are welcome from the unfit through to seasoned exercisers. Ideally, friends sharing sessions should be of a similar level to each other to get the full benefit from their training.

in addition to the standard 1 hour session, I also offer 30 minute Express Personal Training. I firmly believe that fitness shouldn’t have to take over your life – for many people nowadays, life is so busy that exercising can fall by the wayside. A lot of people also fall into the trap of thinking that unless you can travel to a gym and work out for at least an hour, then it’s not worth doing anything. But this is a common myth which I’m keen to dispel – you can achieve an excellent level of fitness in comfortably less than 30 minutes a time – you just have to know how to get the most ‘bang for your buck’. My life is no different – I too have many commitments and very little spare time so as much as I do like to go for a decent run when I get the chance, a lot of my workouts are also short and quick – even less than 20 minutes sometimes. Don’t be fooled though – express sessions aren’t just a shortened version of a standard 1 hour session, they’re designed to really squeeze everything out of you in a short space of time. Again, these will be tailored to the individual so are suitable for all abilities.

I truly believe that good health and fitness should be accessible to everyone, not just the rich. Therefore my rates will always remain competitive.