Why should I hire a Personal Trainer?

Today I thought I would write about a few of the pros as to why hiring a Personal Trainer could be a good idea.

If you’re committed to achieving long lasting goals then a Personal Trainer is seriously worth considering.  As a female Trainer who specialises in people new to fitness, I have trained absolute beginners through to those with a more active background, and I have done so for many years now. Some clients have trained with me and moved on, others remain with me to this day. All have found their time with me to be both fun and rewarding with clients genuinely thrilled by what they have achieved, especially when they thought it wasn’t possible.

By hiring a Personal Trainer, you are hiring someone who will be passionate about your physical well being. You will have appointments with this person; most of us are more likely to stick to an exercise session planned with a Trainer than we are to work out on our own. They will motivate you, keep you engaged and push you beyond what you think you are capable of, whilst keeping training fresh and fun of course.

A Personal Trainer will watch you exercise and will be able to make sure that you are training safely and using correct form. We all like to think that we are performing an exercise perfectly but in reality we just cannot watch ourselves exercise the way someone else can. Incorrect form can then lead to a lack in results, and possibly injury.

A Personal Trainer can look at your physical condition and write a progressive workout plan that will help you meet your specific physical fitness goals. For instance, if you have been steadily exercising for years but you have seen very little muscle development, they can help you tweak your workout to fit your fitness level and your body type. They can help you work out through injuries by ensuring a workout gets your heart rate up but does not aggravate existing injury, and can help you lose weight, develop muscle definition, or simply improve your fitness.

Let’s not also forget the mental support that an experienced Trainer can also give; let’s face it, training can be hard and goals can sometimes feel like an impossibly high mountain. But that Trainer is there to guide you, motivate and encourage you and show you that you CAN reach those goals. This also applies to the nutrition side of things which is also a massive part of fitness goals – a Personal Trainer can look at your diet with you and help you make appropriate choices to support  those goals.

So if you’ve been struggling with your training for a while now, remember – you don’t have to go it alone!